The Sky is the Limit with a Stable Team

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Deborah Montano,

Digital Marketing Specialist


"I’m so happy to share how Positive Intelligence (PQ) has transformed my mindset. Doing the PQ reps is nothing short of a gamechanger!

With all the client work I am doing, this helps me touch base with my senses and gain focus. Another aspect that resonated with me was the emphasis on self-command, preventing my inner judge from taking over. It is still there I must admit, but this newfound control allowed me to always bring back my sage—to be in my state of calm and clarity.

For me, this isn’t just a programme; it is a must for personal growth, guiding you to a more positive and empowered way of thinking. Thanks, Clare for introducing PQ to us! Recommending PQ to anyone seeking a transformative journey toward mental and emotional fitness!"

Nick Gaubinger,

Head of Product

Wood MacKenzie

"I had the pleasure of working with Clare organising a series of workshops that Clare led supporting the members of my company as we underwent a change in ownership.

I really enjoyed working with Clare. She had clear, specific ideas, but was responsive to our feedback; she led the workshops with our employees with generosity, warmth, and clarity; she was flexible and accommodating for our many suggestions and requirements.

The feedback on the workshops rated Clare’s leadership very highly, and I would agree – I would be eager to work with her again."

Sue Giles,

Supply Chain Manager

STG Aerospace

"Recognising the need for improved communication between our management and production teams, we proactively sought a solution to address existing challenges.

We partnered with Clare Davis and her team at Nova Associates, who designed a customised communication programme tailored to our specific needs and relevant scenarios.

The programme's impact has been remarkable. We've witnessed a significant transformation in team relationships, evident in individual interactions and overall team dynamics. This positive change has translated directly into increased productivity.

We highly recommend Clare and her team at Nova Associates."

About Nova Associates

We know how you feel when you lose members of staff and how it can affect your growth and profitability. We, at Nova Associates, identify potential losses and ensure leaders and managers are confident and keep their teams motivated.

About Clare Davis &

The Nova Team

Enhancing stability within your team not only leads to significant cost reductions but also boosts efficiency and ensures operational continuity. This continuity preserves vital knowledge within your organisation, sustains valuable customer relationships, and maintains your team’s performance at peak levels.

Clare Davis and her team work with organisations to leverage their focus, so they keep more of their profits and retain their teams. Using practical coaching methods, Clare and her team sheds light on the talent each person brings to your organisation to positively impact your mission.

With over 20 years of coaching and training experience, a knack for making meaningful connections, and an insatiable appetite for helping others usher in a positive work culture, Clare knows how to deliver strategies for practical application of her content.

Clare is passionate about performance, relationships, mental fitness, and successful teams. She is especially inspired to help people take their team – and themselves – to unprecedented levels.

Fill in the form to discover your organisation's strengths and weaknesses in employee retention!

At Nova Associates, we're more than consultants; we're your partners in creating a stable, thriving workplace. With years of experience and a track record of success, we've helped leaders like you transform their teams, reduce turnover, and build a culture of loyalty and engagement.