An engaged team is more likely to stay together &

perform at the highest level

Introducing: The Saboteur Discovery Coaching Session

Feeling Unstuck happens to the best of us. Imagine breaking through that barrier and charting a clear mind of success for yourself, as well as your team.

What to expect?

Deep Dive

Understand the impact of your saboteurs.

Expert Strategies

Outline strategies for your specific challenges.

Clear Next Steps

Devise a plan to move forward with your team.

Who is this for?

Leaders and Managers who want to:

  • Use mental and emotional energy more effectively and improve their ability to develop others.

  • Manage stress better, increase happiness and improve self-confidence.

  • Improve empathy and relationships.

Limited Spots Available!

Cost of the Saboteur Discovery Session is just £250 + VAT

This is a one-off opportunity. We’re dedicating time to deep dive into the impact of your limiting beliefs, outlining what is holding you back.

Grab your slot now!

One session, Unveils the Impact

Address the impact, head on.

Personalised insights

Tailor strategies designed for your personality.

Action Steps

Walk away with a clear actionable plan to move forward.

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Saboteur Discovery Coaching Session FAQs

How long is the session?

Each ‘Saboteur Discovery’ session lasts 60 minutes, giving us ample time to understand, analyse, and strategise.

Who will be coaching me?

Clare Davis, a qualified Positive Intelligence® coach with a track record of helping leaders and their teams thrive.

Is there any post-session support?

Absolutely! You’ll receive a summary of the session, and we offer follow-up emails for clarification on any point discussed.

At Nova Associates, we're more than consultants; we're your partners in creating a stable, thriving workplace. With years of experience and a track record of success, we've helped leaders like you transform their teams, reduce turnover, and build a culture of loyalty and engagement.